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Conference Participants

Sing America and China's National Anthem

Coordinator of the Conference

Committee Members of the Conference

Keynote Speaker: Mr.Quansheng Chang, Education Consul, Consulate General of China in New York

Keynote Speaker: Ms.Lisa Huang Healy, Associate Director of Chinese Program, The College Board

Keynote Speaker: Congressman Michael Michaud

Keynote Speaker: Dr.Edison Liu, President and CEO of The Jackson Laboratory

Dr.Robert A. Clark, President of Husson University

Speakers: Don Reutershan, Jane Smith, Suzhong Tian, Robert Caning, Songren Cui, Bruce Lindberg, Suzanne Fox, Kevin Ferrone, Beth Campbell, Tony Kieffer, Gerry Palmer, James Kenny, Emily Lane, Anthony Caruso, Chris Farmer

More Conference Participants

Excellent Students of Learning Chinese

Model Schools of Teaching Chinese: Mt. Ararat High School, Mt. Ararat Middle School, and Waynflete School