Friday and Saturday, October 30-31, 2015, Husson University, Bangor

Presented by: The Chinese Language and Culture Center of Maine, Maine Confucius Classroom, and Bangor Chinese School
In collaboration with: The Maine Department of Education, the University of Maine, the City of Bangor, and Husson University
Sponsored by: Hanban, the Consulate General of People’s Republic China in New York, Lee Academy, Washington Academy and others
Theme of this year: Thinking globally and acting locally

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Keynote Speakers:
Mr. Youngji Xu, Ms. Jennifer DeCristoforo and Mr. Jimmy Wildman

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Past Conferences

  • 2014 Maine Chinese Conference

  • 2013 Maine Chinese Conference

  • 2012 Maine Chinese Conference

  • 2011 Maine Chinese Conference

  • 2010 Maine Chinese Conference

  • 2009 Maine Chinese Conference

  • 2008-2006 Conference

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    The primary participants of the conference:
    Everyone: school administrators, board members, teachers, students, parents, members of institutions of higher education, businesspeople, politicians, entrepreneurs, and interested others.

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    Topics of Conference:

    The conference will be two days, October 30-31, Friday-Saturday

    The first day: After the opening ceremony and keynote, there will be two sessions:
    Session A: Consul General/Consul will meet with administrators, officers, business people, teachers and
    students who ever participated Study in China program in the past. Follow up with a special lunch banquet.
    Session B: Professional development for foreign language teaching (Chinese and other languages).

    The second day: there will be a whole day of Chinese culture demonstrations, such as Taiqi,
    Chinese traditional medicine, Chinese food cooking (steam dumplings and sushi), paper cutting,
    dragon/lion dance, calligraphy, Chinese operas...

    We are very happy to announce that Maine has our own author of a Chinese book, "Luck Bamboo Chinese Craft"

    2015 Maine Chinese Language Conference Committee:

    Jing Zhang, Coordinator of 2014 Maine Chinese Conference, Director of CLCCM, and President of Bangor Chinese School
    Jay Ketner, World Languages Specialist, Maine Department of Education
    Raymond Pelletier, Professor, Modern Languages and Classics, University of Maine
    James T. Kenny, Chair, Board of Directors, Maine Confucius Classroom; Former Dean, Husson University
    Jane Smith, Professor, Modern Languages and Classics, University of Maine
    Lynn Coy-Ogan, Provost, Husson University
    Gerry Palmer, Former Mayor, the City of Bangor
    W. Gus LeBlanc, Headmaster, Lee Academy
    Jim Chasse, Principal, Orono High School
    Suzhong Tian, Academic Officer, Bangor Chinese School

    For more information: Please call 207-990-0710 or email us at