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Saturday, October 14, 2023, Husson University, Bangor, Maine

Presented by: The Chinese Language and Culture Center of Maine and Bangor Chinese School
In collaboration with: The Maine Department of Education, the University of Maine and the City of Bangor

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    Up to 0.7 CEUs are available for participants

    The primary participants of the conference:
    School administrators, board members, teachers, students, parents, members of institutions of higher education, businesspeople, politicians, entrepreneurs, and interested others.

    Topics of the Conference:

    Improving American/Chinese Relations Through Teaching Chinese Language and Culture

    2023 Maine Chinese Language Conference Committee:

    Jing Zhang, Coordinator of 2023 Maine Chinese Conference, Director of Maine Language and Culture Center, and President of Bangor Chinese School
    Elizabeth Chabe, Chair, Board of Directors, the Chinese Language and Culture Center of Maine
    Mel MacKay, General Consultant, CLCCM and Bangor Chinese School and Former Head of school, John Bapst High School
    Gerry Palmer, Former Mayor, the City of Bangor
    Clay Gleason, Superintendent, Bonny Eagle School District (MSAD #6)
    Delia Kenny, Curriculum Specialist of CLCCM and Bangor Chinese School and English Teacher of Eastern Maine Community College
    Huiru Zou, Director, Bangor Chinese School in Portland area
    Suzhong Tian, Vice President, Bangor Chinese School

    For more information: Please call 207-990-0710 or email us at