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For children to learn a foreign language, the younger the better!


For children grades K-12, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm, 6/24-6/28, 7/1 – 7/5 and 7/8 - 7/12

This camp provides a standards-based, student-centered, intensive summer Chinese language and culture curriculum for children through an immersion model that will make learning the language fun and unforgettable.

Our summer language camp has been offered at the School since 2005. It is the only such program in the State. In the past fifteen (15) summers, more than 1200 K-12 graders from Maine, California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington DC and Washington State joined the program. The feedback showed all campers enjoyed the experience. Some students have been registered for five years in a row. This unique program has been attracted media attention.

Camp Flyer
Frequently Asked Questions of Residential Students
You can register it ONLINE.
For more information, please call Jing at (207) 990-0710; or email us at First come first served, so please register early!

Features of our camp:
  • Fast-track to learning Chinese with standard-based curriculum
  • Immersion-based, language-intensive and culturally-focused experience
  • Advanced teaching/learning technologies
  • Three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Taught by experienced teachers
  • Two weeks and residential is available for students who live 50 miles away
  • Virtual exchanges and meaningful use of language in real-life contexts
  • Hands-on experience with cooking, arts, crafts, calligraphy, abacus, Tai Chi, dragon dance, and music instrumentation
  • Prize will be awarded to the students who do well in the program
  • Making new friends and more

    Learn Chinese language in four skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing.
    Explore the Chinese culture, history, philosophies, great figures and events, and geography
    Study traditional Chinese medicine.
    Virtual travel on the Silk Road.
    Chinese folk art, calligraphy, paper-cutting
    Visit Chinese restaurants and order food in Chinese
    Instructional field trips to Chinese community/other places
    Tai Chi (traditional Chinese physical and mental exercise)
    Appreciation of Chinese operas, musics and instruments, and acrobats
    Practice dragon and lion dance
    The "Ping-Pong Diplomacy" and playing Ping Pong
    Learning Chinese chess and mahjong
    Cook Chinese food, such as, make dumplings
    What was the earliest computer? how did it work? - learn Chinese Abacus
    Chinese positive philosophies - Confucius thoughts, customs and etiquette
    Use cell phone and computer to type Chinese characters

    five master teachers and four teaching assistants will work for the program.
    The four master teachers are as follows:
    Dr. Suzhong Tian, Professor at the University of Maine.
    Ms. Jing Zhang, Certified teacher of Chinese; President of BCS; Director of STARTALK programs in Bangor.
    Ms. Jinrong He, Chinese Teacher from Washington Academy.
    Ms. Yu Tian, Chinese Teacher from Bonny Eagle School District.

    Eligible to participate: Interested K-12 graders
    Requirement: Letter of recommendation from a current teacher.
    Dates: Monday-Friday, 6/24-6/28, 7/1 – 7/5, 7/8 - 7/12, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm.
    Location: Peabody Hall, Husson University in Bangor, Maine.

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  • Lunch & snacks:
    Food is energy to a camper. We offer lunch (Chinese food) and snacks to children: dumplings, noodles, rice, dishes, fruits, and drinks.

    Chinese traditional style (Tang dynasty) clothes and made of silk with different colors.

    What our campers talked about the camp:
    "Learn Chinese language, explore Chinese culture, enjoy Chinese food and wear Chinese traditional clothes--all about Chinese for two weeks! I enjoy everything! It is really cool!!"---Campers of 2007
    For more information, please call Jing at (207) 990-0710;or email us at

    "Learn Chinese language, explore Chinese culture, enjoy Chinese food and wear Chinese traditional clothes--all about Chinese for a week! Cool!!" - Campers of 2007

    The Future Speaks Chinese

    For children to learn a foreign language, the younger the better!