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  • Dr. Suzhong Tian holds two Master degrees. Dr. Tian is an executive of Bnagor Chinese School. He is a university professor who has given much time to the teaching of the Chinese language. Also, he has organized numerous Chinese cultural events in Maine. An outstanding teacher, he coordinated curriculum for both the STARTALK Student and STARTALK Teacher programs since 2009 and has been coordinating many of the school year programs. He comes from Beijing, China. He has taught Chinese language and culture to both adults and children in the Bangor Chinese School for many years. He is well-liked by his students.
  • Ms. Jing Zhang is the founder of Bangor Chinese School and certified teacher of Chinese. She has two Bachelor degrees and two Master degrees: BA in Education Management from Renmin University of China and MA in Forestry Economic Management from Beijing Forestry University, BA in CIS and MA in MBA in the United States, from Husson University. She is the director of STARTALK programs in Bangor. She has held many seminars and conferences; she also teaches Chinese language at the University of Maine, Orono High School and Old Town High School. She has always been intrigued by the expression,"Think globally, act locally." She thinks of her work as building a bridge to connect America with China by teaching Americans Chinese language and culture and giving them the opportunity to study, teach or travel in China. She likes Maine, and she loves and enjoys working with all her students and staff, from 2 to 72 years old very much.
    1. Chinese Teachers:

             Ms. Huiru Zou                   Mr. Lei Zhang                   Ms. Tina Zhang             Ms. Bingyu Zhang               Ms. Haiyan Jin                   Ms. Jinrong He

             Ms. Jing Zhang             Ms. Christine Chou           Dr. Suzhong Tian                   Ms. Yu Tian                   Ms. Le Wang                   Ms. Mei Tian

                Ms. Shanshan Yang           Ms. Qing Lin                   Ms. Ou Yang                   Ms. Jing Chen                   Ms. Shufang Liao

    2. Teacher Trainers:

        Dr. Raymond Pelletier             Dr.James Kenny             Ms. Delia Kenny                Ms. Jing Zhang             Dr. Suzhong Tian