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Maine Chinese Guest Teacher Program
5 Woodview Drive, Bangor, ME 04401; 207-990-0710; jingzhang@bangorchinese.com

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Teacher Training Program
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Summer Camp
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Study in China
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Year-long Language and Culture Study

Chinese Guest Teacher Program at Bangor Chinese School/CLCCM

With the ever-changing world, the Chinese language is becoming increasingly important for students to learn. There is a huge shortage of Chinese teachers nationwide, even more so in Maine. We are here to assist Maine schools and beyond to develop your Chinese program and bring a global perspective to your school. Time is running out. Apply now to host a Chinese guest teacher for the 2023-24 school year.

Application deadline is February 1 every year.

Apply now

1. The First Three Guest Chinese Teachers:

Ms. Xuemei Li              Mr. Minyi Zhao                    Ms. Haiyan Yu

2. Current or Previous Guest Chinese Teachers:

    Mr. Lei Zhang       Ms. Haiyan Jin     Ms. Jinrong He        Ms. Yu Tian

3. Current or Previous Host Schools:

There are many host schools in Maine, such as Lee Academy, Bonny Eagle School District, John Bapst High School
Lincoln Academy, Orono High School, Maine Central Institute, Washington Academy