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CLCCM/BCS Guest Teacher Program
5 Woodview Drive, Bangor, ME 04401; 207-990-0710;

1. About the program:

With the ever-changing world, the Chinese language is becoming increasingly important for students to learn.
There is a huge shortage of Chinese teachers nationwide, even more so in Maine. We are here to assist Maine
schools and beyond to develop your Chinese program and bring a global perspective to your school.

The Chinese Guest Teacher Program is funded by our partners in China, such as Heilongjiang Institute of Teacher
Development, Center for Language Education and Cooperation, and many partner schools and institutes in China
and helps U.S. K-12 schools to launch new or maintain existing Chinese language programs.

Apply by February 1 and open an amazing window and opportunity for your students!

As a host school, you provide an exchange teacher with mentorship and a donation to support the program. We
provide teachers with the following:
• Housing
• U.S. visa (J-1) support
• Stipend
• Health insurance
• Training and professional development
• Ongoing program support

Application deadline is February 1 every year. Apply now

Photos of our past and current Guest Teachers

Wei Wu and Bo Zhu 2009-2012

Zhifeng Ren 2012-2014

Xuemei Li, Haiyan Yu and Minyi Zhao 2014-2017

Ms. Xuemei Li                   Mr. Minyi Zhao                          Ms. Haiyan Yu

Lei Zhang 2017-2018

Current or Previous Host Schools:

There are many host schools in Maine, such as Lee Academy, Bonny Eagle School District, John Bapst High School
Lincoln Academy, Foxcroft Academy, Mt. Ararat High School, Orono High School, Maine Central Institute, Washington Academy